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Aldrich Roy D(207-448-2479)
Austin Jean(207-456-7554)
Austin Roger(207-456-7530)
Bancroft Town of Town Hall(207-456-7542)
Berry D(207-448-7333)
Brewer Joann E(207-456-7173)
Briggs Evelyn(207-456-7518)
Brown Berniece K(207-456-7177)
Brown Carmela(207-456-7127)
Brown Hubert S(207-456-7105)
Bubar Donald(207-456-7129)
Burns E(207-456-7562)
Caron Jolene(207-456-7595)
Caron Terry(207-456-7595)
Cavalier A(207-448-7719)
Clifford Craig(207-448-2429)
Clifford Dale L(207-448-7796)
Cota D(207-456-7170)
Cowan L(207-456-7552)
Crawford Harry J(207-456-7559)
Cushman Paul(207-456-7520)
Dow Garfield(207-456-7586)
Dutton C W(207-448-7053)
Ellingwood Thos(207-448-2676)
Faulkner Bessie(207-456-7549)
Fitzpatrick David N(207-448-2896)
Hanington Wilfred(207-448-2966)
Hanington Willard S(207-456-7511)
Hanington Willard S and Sons(207-456-7511)
Hanscom Allan(207-456-7534)
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