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Bailey Walter(207-635-3155)
Beane Carl W(207-635-3563)
Beane Cecil Jr(207-566-5981)
Beane E S(207-566-5981)
Bearor Raymond H(207-696-3830)
Briggs Nancy Main(207-635-2012)
Brown Bradford P(207-635-2754)
Camberly Gardens(207-635-3994)
Clark Joseph H(207-635-2194)
Cole Timothy(207-696-3960)
Cooley Mary(207-635-3411)
Cooley Minor(207-635-2533)
Dunphy Robt Jr(207-635-2627)
Fire Department(207-635-2182)
Fortin Jeff P(207-635-2151)
Friend Clarence A(207-696-5137)
Gawlik Henry(207-696-5748)
Grant V(207-566-5139)
Green Leland(207-635-3369)
Hargreaves R E(207-635-2009)
Hersey Lisa(207-566-5075)
Hersey Phil(207-566-5075)
Horr J(207-635-2042)
Houghton Ruth E(207-635-2786)
Kangas Pete W(207-635-3761)
Kempton Al(207-635-3215)
Lahaye Richard(207-635-3584)
Lightbody K(207-635-2044)
Livingston Garry(207-696-3892)
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