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Ens Transport(207-834-5296)
Rioux Rodney(207-834-3872)
Kelly Joseph(207-834-6984)
Audibert Clifford Potato Hse(207-834-2659)
Daigle Conrad E Garage(207-834-5830)
Daigle Jamie(207-834-3886)
New Canada Town Office(207-834-4005)
Town of New Canada Community Cente(207-834-4486)
Rossignol F(207-834-2633)
Deschaine Davis(207-834-3016)
Deschaine Olivia(207-834-3016)
Masse Construction(207-834-3610)
Nadeau Donald(207-834-2933)
Landry Dara(207-834-2300)
Landry Jean(207-834-2300)
Theriault Paula(207-834-3573)
Theriault Raynold(207-834-3573)
Desjardins Roger(207-834-6530)
Daigle Nelson(207-834-5617)
Jandreau Andy(207-834-6164)
Pelletier Barbara(207-834-6164)
Voisine Ben(207-834-4077)
New Canada Town Ofc(207-834-4004)
Pelletier Diane(207-834-5807)
Pelletier Rodney(207-834-5807)
Soucy Michael(207-834-2398)
Martin Betty(207-834-4260)
Pelletier Anne(207-834-2761)
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