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Geismar John(207-345-9754)
Bressler S(207-345-9160)
Hixon Julia(207-346-3384)
Hixon Lee(207-346-3384)
Brown Kim(207-345-3175)
Brown Ray(207-345-3175)
Beaulieu Roland(207-345-9077)
Berube Marc(207-346-6057)
Cannon Linda(207-345-4501)
Cannon Russell(207-345-4501)
Mosher Thos(207-345-9811)
David Leo(207-966-3905)
David Martha(207-966-3905)
Bonney E S(207-345-9016)
Dan's Auto Repair(207-786-4959)
Carrier Jason(207-966-2989)
Downs John(207-345-3165)
Downs Patricia(207-345-3165)
Jensen Richard(207-345-3113)
Jensen Teryl(207-345-3113)
Koniezny Rosemarie(207-345-3070)
Koniezny Thos(207-345-3070)
Bussiere Andre(207-346-3472)
Goss R(207-345-3838)
Witherell James(207-345-3371)
Witherell Nancy(207-345-3371)
Robertson Debra(207-345-3889)
Rowe D(207-346-6016)
Minot Consolidated School(207-346-6471)
Nolin Douglas(207-346-6777)
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