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Thompson Franklin(207-532-9124)
Thompson Pamela(207-532-9124)
Shields Ricki(207-538-9368)
Flewelling Julie(207-538-9622)
Lee Lacus B(207-538-9190)
Houlton Band of Maliseet Indian(207-532-4273)
Miller Guy Jr(207-538-4428)
Davis Alan(207-538-9362)
Davis Eileen(207-538-9362)
Kaufman Ginny M(207-538-9541)
David & Barbara Henderson(207-538-9313)
Cole Jason(207-538-2181)
Cole Sarah(207-538-2181)
Ouellette Romain(207-538-9357)
Miller Susan(207-538-4051)
Barriner Robt(207-538-9697)
Arledge Fred(207-538-4408)
Shaw Colby(207-538-9629)
Fitzpatrick Brady(207-538-9387)
Fitzpatrick Jessica(207-538-9387)
Merrihew Thomas(207-538-4437)
Homchuck Ada(207-538-9238)
Homchuck Peter(207-538-9238)
Homchuckpeter & Ada(207-538-9238)
Helm Donald(207-538-9426)
Helm Rebecca(207-538-9426)
Dejesus J(207-538-9260)
Archer Linda(207-538-4463)
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