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Antone Earl R(207-726-4485)
Cobb Elwood(207-348-6420)
Cobb Jacquelyn(207-348-6420)
Deer Isle Town of(207-348-2324)
Dockside Quilt Gallery(207-348-2531)
Joyce Norman A(207-348-6873)
Nyburg Mary(207-348-6051)
Bulger Bruce(207-348-9393)
Brewer Robert(207-348-2219)
Greenlaw Paul R(207-348-2910)
Newlin Paul(207-348-2996)
Newlin Sue(207-348-2996)
Gass R(207-348-9453)
Messer Mark(207-348-6428)
Eagen Dusty(207-348-0907)
McKenna L(207-348-9458)
Heanssler Benjamin(207-348-6169)
Bolton Josh(207-348-2512)
Friedell P(207-348-9397)
Scott J(207-348-2979)
Mills Cheryl(207-348-2432)
Mills Edw(207-348-2432)
Maberry Andrea L(207-348-6088)
Maberry John O(207-348-6088)
Ruch Lee(207-348-6686)
Ruch Suzanne(207-348-6686)
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