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Howe Andrew(207-799-3753)
Howe Gay(207-799-3753)
Springer Wm(207-767-5536)
Maine State of(207-767-3453)
George J G(207-799-5187)
Leonard Cynthia D(207-799-5187)
Chapman Ann S(207-767-1307)
Chapman Jonathan R(207-767-1307)
Hayes Jos G(207-767-3959)
Smith Barbara(207-767-3959)
Smith Gregory(207-767-3959)
Rowe Happy(207-799-0002)
Rowe Will(207-799-0002)
Brett Deborah(207-799-0291)
Brett Geo(207-799-0291)
Phineas Sprague SR(207-799-9739)
Sprague E(207-799-0270)
Sprague Phineas Jr(207-799-0112)
Hardy J L(207-799-6096)
Wood Wm E(207-799-6671)
Dorsk Hillary R(207-767-4002)
Coffrin Deborah(207-767-7342)
Wentworth T N(207-799-8615)
Gramse R R(207-799-5439)
Brill Andrew(207-799-0658)
Cape Elizabeth Town of(207-799-0324)
Bostwick & Company(207-767-2224)
Lindsey Howard W(207-799-4650)
Bowden Cecil J Jr(207-767-2745)
Pizzo D E(207-799-4688)
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