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Allen Paul(207-374-2249)
Clapp Peter A(207-374-2819)
Coastal Cottage Rental Co(207-374-3500)
Crumm S(207-374-5442)
Ellis Glenis(207-374-5814)
Emery H E(207-374-5586)
Ferris Pauline(207-374-5062)
Gray Gregory(207-374-5769)
Gray Robt W(207-374-2700)
Harborview Apts(207-374-2963)
Kachorsky Ruth(207-374-5255)
Litwiller Lesley(207-374-5709)
Luckin Wm(207-374-2508)
Maccarone K(207-374-5543)
Macomber R W SR(207-374-3713)
Martin Mary M(207-374-5733)
Mc Neil I(207-374-2598)
Muise Marcel(207-374-3208)
Rene Cecilia A(207-374-5560)
Ricker Penny(207-374-5784)
Ricker Wilbur G(207-374-5557)
Riker Lucille M(207-374-2002)
Salm Sue(207-374-3287)
Sargent Judy(207-374-5279)
Shepard Alice(207-374-5886)
Shepard Walter(207-374-5886)
Smallidge Jonathan(207-374-5709)
Smith Nancy M(207-374-5766)
Stinson Phyllis T(207-374-2270)
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